23 mai 2007

Ludique et insolite chez Jacques Decoret

L'huître du 21ème siècle : séquence d'anthologie...

Dégustation d'une pile électrique : électrisant !

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Trine a dit…

Hello Laurent (V)

I laughed out loud when I watched this video of yours. I don't speak French. Unfortunately. Please explain me about this egg. ;)

I like your photos. In my opinion, you can easily get the impression of a restaurant from watching pictures of the food they serve. So thanks very much! I love beautiful photos of food.

- greetings from Denmark

GoT_Members a dit…

Hi Trine,

Actually, it's called "Oyster of the 21th century". It's an oyster "juice", filled in a small plastic bag, you have to eat and make exploded in your mouth - smoothly... :o)

Thanks for the pictures, more to come very soon from other recent experiences.

I'm happy to read this blog enables you to practice your french as well :o)

Laurent V.

Trine a dit…

Many thanks for explaining what's going on there :-) And for your Belgian dining tips!

I look forward to reading about your next gourmet escapades and have added your site to my Blogroll list.

Oh, I forgot to say do please let me know how you like noma and your choice for Saturday whatever that may be!